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Tandem Skydiving

Part Two:

Tandem Skydive - Preparation

Now what are you going to wear for your tandem skydive? Wear tennis shoes if you have them. If you have boots and they have hooks for the laces, the drop zone will put duct tape on the hooks. The clothes you wear really do not matter as long as they are comfortable. I always tell students to wear comfortable jeans and a tee shirt and bring along a sweatshirt because sometimes it is a little cool at altitude when it is time to jump from that airplane. Some drop zones have suits you can wear but not all of them do. If jumping when the weather is cool, wear layers that still allow you movement.

Now listen to me when I tell you this because it's important, and your instructor will also tell you this. Before you go on your tandem skydive make sure you take off your jewelry, empty your pockets of everything. If you do not want to lose it, keep it on the ground. If you are wearing contacts let your instructor know, he will give you goggles for contacts or glasses.

Now you're ready to make a tandem skydive. Your named has been called, it's your turn. Now different drop zones do different things to get you ready. Some drop zones put you into your harness and you will meet the instructor at the plane. Some drop zones have the instructor go over some simple instructions. Like I said in the beginning it is not Rocket Science.

One thing to remember when your tandem harness is being put on, it has to be adjusted. So, do not get hyper when the instructor hands are little too close to things that make you uncomfortable. Remember these people are professionals. Besides, most of the time the instructors will tell you what he or she is doing. The tandem skydiving harness that you are wearing is what attaches you to your instructor, which is very important. Your harness has four attachments that hook up to your tandem skydiving instructor. You have two side hookups and two shoulder hookups. These are the attachment points where you will be hooked up to your tandem skydiving instructor before you jump.

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